Sedation Dentistry for Children

A visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be a fearful or anxiety-provoking experience. At Dentistry for Children in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Maryam Sina, DDS, and the Kids Tooth Drs make sure children of all ages have a stress-free and comfortable experience, including providing sedation dentistry services. The Kids Tooth Drs offer nitrous oxide and a variety of techniques to help your child relax throughout their visit. Learn more about sedation dentistry by calling Dentistry for Children, or schedule an appointment online today.

Boy in a dental cabinet, pediatric dentistry. The doctor examines the teeth of a small patient

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

Sedation dentistry services at Dentistry for Children help children get past their dental anxiety. Dr. Sina provides nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, to help children relax and get numb easily before treatment.

Administering nitrous oxide involves placing an oxygen mask over your child’s face so they can breathe in the gas. This form of sedation induces a state of relaxation and calmness, but not to the point that your child falls asleep.

Dr. Sina controls the depth of relaxation easily by turning up the gas or reducing the amount of gas until an adequate level of sedation is achieved. The gas stays on during treatment to ensure your child doesn’t feel anything. Once treatment is complete, Dr. Sina turns the gas off completely and the effects wear off within minutes.

Sedation dentistry helps your child feel safe and comfortable throughout their dental visit so they can get the treatment they need without any delays. Nitrous oxide can be especially beneficial for young children who have excessive fear or anxiety about going to the dentist. It is a nonallergenic gas so there is no risk of an adverse allergic reaction.

The Kids Tooth Drs are experienced with working with all types of patients, including special needs children who might need extra attention and help relaxing during a visit. They take the time to educate you and your child about how the nitrous oxide mask works and what to expect when they start inhaling the gas.

Generally, there aren’t side effects with nitrous oxide. The effects of the gas wear off shortly after your dentist turns off the gas. Still, your child might feel a little drowsy right after treatment. It’s for this reason Dr. Sina recommends preparing your child for a nap on the ride home or when they get home.

Sedation dentistry can make your child’s visits that much more comfortable and help reduce dental anxiety that would otherwise delay treatment. Learn more about sedation dentistry offerings at Dentistry for Children by calling the practice or scheduling an appointment with the online booking feature.