Laser Dentistry for Children

If the idea of going to the dentist conjures up images of painful dental drilling and an uncomfortable dental chair, you can look forward to easy dental visits with laser dentistry procedures at Dentistry for Children in Henderson and Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Maryam Sina, DDS, and her team of Kids Tooth Drs use the Waterlase iPlus™ dental laser to perform several popular procedures and treatments. Dental lasers replace traditional dental drills and can make dental visits much more comfortable. Learn more about the Waterlase system by calling the office or scheduling a visit with online booking.

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Laser Dentistry Q & A

Laser dentistry is one of the latest advancements in dentistry and provides a convenient and valuable alternative to drills and other standard tools dentists use as the heat, noise, and vibration of the dental drill can cause anxiety and discomfort in many patients, especially children.

Laser dentistry technologies, such as the Waterlase device, use laser-powered water droplets and sprays to perform a variety of procedures that would otherwise require a dental drill. The Waterlase system is a hydrokinetic laser that was deemed safe by the FDA in 1998 for use on adults and children.

The Waterlase system uses laser energy and a spray of water to break down soft tissue and clean teeth without discomfort and pain. It operates at 100 pulses per second and can also cover a wider surface area than the typical dental drill.

Since it’s so gentle, anesthetic might not even be necessary. There are no needles involved and the laser works efficiently, one area at a time. This often means less time in the dental chair and a more comfortable experience overall. During dental visits, your child can simply sit back and relax while the Kids Tooth Drs get to work.

The Waterlase iPlus dental laser provides a high standard of dental care and offers several benefits, including:

  • More comfortable than dental drills
  • Little or no bleeding or swelling
  • Faster appointment times
  • No anesthetic required in most cases
  • Saves natural teeth
  • Provides more precision than drills during treatment
  • Can help increase bond strength of fillings
  • Can speed up recovery and healing time

These advantages improve the experience of going to the dentist so your child can begin to develop good oral hygiene habits they carry over into adulthood.

Dr. Sina and the Kids Tooth Drs at Dentistry for Children can perform a range of procedures without any shots, drilling, or pain using Waterlase technology.

In addition to basic teeth cleanings, this versatile laser can help remove hard and soft tissue in preparation for a root canal, cavity treatments, fillings, and gum reshaping procedures. Dr. Sina uses this dental laser when removing tooth decay because the laser is gentle enough to break down decay without harming the surrounding teeth.

If you have questions about the Waterlase iPlus dental laser or laser dentistry procedures, call Dentistry for Children or schedule an appointment online today.