About Dentistry for Children

Based in Henderson and Las Vegas, Dentistry for Children specializes in providing your child with expert, cost-effective, and painless dental solutions and prevention.

In practice for 25 years, the Kids Tooth Drs at Dentistry for Children offer water laser services, infant, and children’s dentistry, through top of the line materials, like silver diamine fluoride and glass ionomers.

We also offers a series of surgical procedures, effectively helping children and teens, whether they’re born tongue-tied, suffering from impacted wisdom teeth and jaw alignment issues or any other ailments requiring the professional help of an oral surgeon.

Through a demonstrated and rigorous commitment to learning and education, the Kids Tooth Drs at Dentistry for Children are here to act as a resource for you and your child, answering any questions you may have before beginning treatment.


About Dr. Sina

Pediatric Dentist , Dr. Maryam Sina is  board-certified and has built a team of attentive, friendly, and welcoming professionals to foster a safe and inclusive environment.

Not every child has the same dental needs as the next, which is why Dentistry for Children is dedicated to providing quality care that meets the individualized needs of every child. We follow your children in their early years all through their adolescence, forging meaningful and long-lasting relationships along the way.

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