When Your Child May Need a Tooth Extraction and How to Prepare Them – Dr. Maryam Sina


Tooth extraction can be scary. But with the right preparation, you and your child can lower the anxiety around this procedure.

Have you ever finished a difficult task and described it as “like pulling teeth”? The phrase dates back to the 1830s — a time when pulling teeth required determination and grit from dentist and patient alike. 

It works so well as an idiom because it’s both easy to picture and appeals to the anxiety of 75% of Americans who report they have some amount of fear when visiting their dentist. 

Thankfully, “like pulling teeth” is now only realistic as a figure of speech. Tooth extraction, although serious, is no longer the excruciating and time-consuming process of the 19th century. But while you may no longer fear getting a tooth pulled, your child may not feel the same way.

Like adults, many children have a dental phobia. Use this blog as a guide to when a tooth extraction is necessary and how to prepare your child. 

Do you think that your child may need to have a tooth extracted? If so, come see the team at Dentistry for Children. Maryam Sina, DDS, and the rest of our staff are dedicated to providing quality care that meets the individualized needs of every child.

Dr. Sina has over 25 years of experience working with children and is board-certified in pediatric dentistry.

Tooth extraction basics

At Dentistry for Children, we perform extractions that remove the root and crown of the tooth during the same procedure. Doing extractions this way leaves an empty space that typically heals within just a few weeks.

Removing teeth is slightly more common in children because baby teeth can be removed with the knowledge that adult teeth eventually fill the holes they leave. The mix of baby teeth and adult teeth in prepubescent children may make extraction necessary as well. 

We only pull teeth when necessary and always hope that baby teeth fall out on their own.

Reasons for extraction

There are several reasons your child may need to have a tooth extracted, including: 

  • Excessive decay
  • Large cavities
  • Preparation and space management for orthodontics
  • Injury or trauma
  • Loose teeth
  • Baby teeth that crowd adult teeth
  • Root damage

We always look for less invasive treatment options for these issues when possible.

Helping your child prepare

It’s natural for your child to feel anxious before getting a tooth pulled — popular culture and rumors among friends can certainly make them feel apprehensive. To start, explain why the extraction is necessary — they deserve to feel a part of the process.

It may also be helpful to explain what they can expect while making sure that you avoid scary words. It’s easier to go into a procedure with confidence if you know what’s going to occur. 

Finally, help us help them. We have extensive training working with kids and keeping them calm. So when you keep your composure, your child does too. Rest easy knowing we use sedation dentistry; your child shouldn’t feel anything more than a tugging sensation during the procedure.

No one likes having a tooth extracted, but you can help your child’s extraction go off without a hitch. Dentistry for Children makes sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Contact our Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada, office today.


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