From Fillings to Root Canals: Laser Dentistry Is Replacing These Common Procedures – Dr. Maryam Sina


Less bleeding, quicker healing, and shorter dentist visits? Count us in! Laser dentistry offers those benefits and many more over traditional pediatric dental care methods.

Does your child throw a fit every time you mention “dentist?” If so, they may associate unpleasant scenarios with the dentist, as many children do. Long hours in a dental chair with drills whirring and needles poking has become somewhat synonymous with dental care, but with laser dentistry, that’s not the case. No more heat, noise, or vibration from dental drills.

Instead, with the Waterlase iPlus dental laser at Dentistry for Children, Dr. Maryam Sina can perform almost any dental procedure your child needs more gently than ever. In this article, learn about the benefits of laser dentistry, how it works, and how this innovative type of dental care can make children more comfortable at the dentist. 

How does laser dentistry work?

Since laser dentistry became available in the early 1990s, many types of laser dentistry have popped up. At Dentistry for Children, Dr. Sina uses a Waterlase dental laser, which combines laser energy and focused streams of water to perform dental procedures.

The Waterlase laser works on both soft tissue (gums) and hard tissue (teeth and bone). It delivers water and air in precise proportions and operates at 100 pulses per second, carefully and quickly targeting the treatment site. 

What treatments can laser dentistry perform? 

The Waterlase laser can perform almost all typical dental treatments, especially the treatments that children and adolescents often need. Some examples include cavity preparations, decay removal, and removing debris and bacteria from teeth and gums.  

Benefits of laser dentistry vs. traditional dentistry

Compared to traditional dental care methods, the Waterlase laser provides a range of benefits, all of which make the dentist less scary and more appealing to young children (and older children who remain nervous about the dentist). 

Waterlase dentistry is gentle, quiet, and more precise than a dental drill. It also:

  • Results in less bleeding and gum sensitivity
  • Makes your appointment go by faster
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia
  • Speeds up recovery time for most procedures
  • Increases the strength of fillings 

Additionally, laser dentistry may provide more peace of mind to children who experience dental anxiety. A combination of sedation dentistry and laser dentistry may be particularly effective if your child experiences severe anxiety about dental care.

Is my child a good candidate for laser dentistry?

Most children can receive laser dentistry treatments, but there are a few exceptions. You may need to discuss your child’s oral health situation with Dr. Sina and her staff at Dentistry for Children if your child: 

  • Has a certain type of filling in any of their teeth, such as metal amalgam
  • Has very sensitive tooth pulp
  • Is prone to gum injury 
  • Has structural problems with their teeth that may be prone to complications

Dr. Sina is happy to discuss the potential of laser dentistry with you at a consultation appointment. Schedule your consultation or laser dentistry appointment by calling Dentistry for Children: Maryam Sina & Associates at 702-342-0075 (Henderson) or 702-342-0078 (Las Vegas). You can also send the team a message here on the website if you have any questions.


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